Best Epson Printers in India 2022 for Home & Office use

We are discussing Best Epson Printer in India. Printers are absolutely necessary at home & office. They are not just needed to obtain printouts of the documents but even the kids need the printers for their school work. You can choose among various brands available and various types of printers but then there are people who are loyal to a particular brand.

Best Epson Printers

The fact is that the Epson offers highly reliable and advanced printers for home & office use as well as commercial use.

If you are looking for a printer that can be used at home & office or a printer that can be used at a small office then you can really get perfect models from Epson. Let us check out more details about Epson and its product offering.

Top Models from Epson for home & office Use

Epson has a huge product line when it comes to printers for home & office use. This can really make the job tough for you. To help you with selection, we have listed some of the best printer models available from Epson.

#1 Epson M100 Monochrome Inkjet Printer

Epson M100 Monochorome Inkjet Printer

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If you only need a blank and white printer then this would be the best model for you. It is an inkjet printer so the quality of the prints is very good and at the same time, you save a lot of money on the cartridge since you do not need colour ink here. This printer has an ink tank for Black Ink and at the same time, it also gives you a speed of 15 pages per minute.

  • It has a great printing speed
  • It comes at a budget-friendly price
  • It can easily handle bulk work, which makes it great for professional use
  • It is made of high-quality material
  • It offers great page yield and network connectivity
  • It can not produce colored prints
  • The printing quality is not the best

Epson M100 is also quite efficient as it can offer you almost 6000 pages with just 150 ml of ink. Epson offers a 1-year warranty on this model. This is the Best Epson Printer you can buy.

  • Cost-Efficient Since it’s a Black and White Printer
  • Has a Good Printing Speed
  • Quick Setup

It is surely one of the best printers available in monochrome settings. You can choose this without a doubt if you do not need color print outs.

#2 Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer (Black)

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The next on our list is Epson EcoTank L3150. This is also an inkjet printer but it is a wireless printer that also comes with an ink tank. The fact that the printer is an All in One Model makes it even more efficient for the buyers. You can use the printer for obtaining photocopies or just scanning important documents.

  • It is a multifunctional printer that can print, scan, and copy
  • It has a great printing speed of 33 pages per minute
  • It comes with Wifi connectivity options
  • It allows you to print through a mobile app
  • It doesn’t support waterproof ink
  • Duplex printing is not available

In addition to this, the printer has a printing speed of 33 ppm for black prints while the printer offers 11 ppm in case of colour printouts. Just like all other products, Epson offers 1 year / 30,000 pages standard warranty on this printer.

  • All in One Printer which offers a lot of flexibility
  • Efficient in terms of operational cost
  • Has a good printing and scanning resolution

It is one of the best selling all in one printer from Epson. You can choose this if you are looking for something efficient yet very durable.

#3 Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer

Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer

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If you have a small office at home & office or if you usually work from home & office and if you need a printer to give you the account statements then the dot matrix printers work the best. A lot of people are not aware of this fact but Epson also manufactures Dot Matrix Printers. This is basically a printer with 24 pinheads and it has no comparison in terms of speed.

  • It is very simple and convenient to use
  • The cartridge comes at an efficient price
  • The build is sturdy and durable
  • It has a good printing speed
  • There is no wifi connectivity available
  • It works as a single function printer

The printer features a high 416 CPS print speed at 12 CPI. The printer can also be connected to the USB port and in terms of the warranty, Epson offers a 2-year warranty on this printer.

  • Advanced Dot Matrix Printer
  • Has the option for USB Connectivity
  • Can easily print Account Statements and ledgers 

You usually need a dot matrix printer for some of the official work involving ledgers and account statements. This model can really prove to be the perfect one in such cases.

#4 Epson L4150 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Colour Printer

Epson L4150 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Colour Printer (Black)

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This is another Inkjet printer from Epson on our list. This model is quite advance when it comes to features and print quality. Again, this is an all-in-one printer with an ink tank which reduces the cost of operation in the long run. The output speed of this printer is 33 pages for black/white prints or 15 ppm for color prints. Yet another Best Epson Printer.

  • It comes with a decent printing speed
  • It allows you to print, scan and copy your documents
  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • It supports a wide range of paper sizes
  • It supports both USB and wifi connectivity
  • It doesn’t come with an automatic duplex
  • It has no LCD screen like its successor

The warranty offered on this printer is 1 year or 30,000 pages whichever comes earlier. The print resolution of the printer is good and it can also scan high-quality images easily without any quality-related issues.

  • Has a very low cost of printing.
  • The ink tank is easy to refill and Wi-Fi adds to the flexibility
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

This is yet another All in One printer from Epson that you can trust. The good part about this model is that it also comes with an ink tank which eventually helps you in reducing the cost of per-page print.

#5 Epson EcoTank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Epson EcoTank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer (Black)

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If you are looking for an All in One Printer which is very sleek then this could be the best choice for you. This printer is not wireless but it is quite sleek. In terms of functionality, the printer offers scans, photocopies, and obviously prints. As per the Epson standards, the speed of the printing is 33 ppm for black prints and 15 ppm for colour prints.

  • It is a multifunctional printer
  • It has a great printing speed of 33 ppm
  • It can support multiple paper types
  • You can use it for borderless printing
  • It provides great print quality
  • It doesn’t come with Wifi connectivity
  • There is no A3 paper support

The ink tank further helps in reducing the cost of printouts. Also, if you are planning to buy this printer then you will get 1 bottle of each color but for the black ink, you will get 2 bottles. The warranty on this product is also restricted to 1 year.

  • High-Resolution Inkjet Printer which offers Good Scan and Print Quality
  • Also offers borderless printing
  • Supports a lot of different page size

Epson L3110 is a brilliant product from Epson and it is surely going to impress anyone who looks at the model. The printer is impressive not just in terms of the print quality but also in terms of looks.

#6 Epson PictureMate PM-520 Photo Printer

Epson PictureMate PM-520 Photo Printer

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If you do not need scanner or photocopy functionality then you can choose for a printer without those features. Epson PM-520 is one such printer that doesn’t feature all these but has a wireless functionality along with ink tanks. If you also love to print photos then this is the best printer available in the market.

  • It features a lightweight, portable design
  • It comes with a high print resolution
  • It has a rechargeable battery option
  • It is equipped with a wide variety of connectivity options
  • As compared to others, it is slightly pricy
  • There are some page size limitation

It is specifically designed to print photos and other high-resolution material. The cost of printing would be a little higher for this printer because of the resolution. The speed here is 5 ppm and this is slow because of the print resolution. Another point to be noted about this printer is that it has 6 ink tanks. Apart from regular Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, the printer also has Light Magenta and Light Cyan.

  • Especially for printing Photos
  • Supports a wide range of material for printing

You can actually set up a mini studio at home & office if you buy this printer. This is the quality that is offered by PM-520. You do not get a scan or photocopy functions but you get the best photo output with the help of this printer.

#7 Epson L5190 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Epson L5190 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

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You would need a very efficient printer if you have a small office at home & office or if you need a lot of prints at home & office. This particular model from Epson can be all you need in such a case and the functionality is also really impressive. It is a wireless printer and it also features an ink tank as well as an automatic document feeder.

  • Its refiling process is simple and straightforward
  • It supports borderless printing
  • It can be used from both PC and smartphone
  • It features an interactive LCD screen
  • The cost of ink bottles is fairly low
  • Some users reported bugs in the EPSON software 
  • The color reproduction needs some improvement

You can even get borderless output if you are choosing this printer. In addition to all these features, you get a good printing speed and 1-year warranty from Epson.

  • Easy to Setup and Install
  • Has a document feeder which automates the task for you
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

You can have a look at this all in one printer as well. The good part about the new models of inkjet printers is that they come with Wi-Fi and Ink Tank which really makes it easy to use the printer

#8  Epson L3152 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Epson L3152 WiFi All in One Ink Tank Printer

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This is the last model on our list and it is one of the best offerings from Epson. If you do not mind spending a little extra money then go ahead and purchase this model. Common features include Wi-Fi, Ink Tank, Photocopy, and Scan. In addition to this, the printer also offers borderless printing.

  • It allows you to refill the ink very easily
  • It comes with ADF capability
  • It supports borderless printing
  • It is also equipped with auto duplex printing
  • It supports a wide range of connectivity options
  • It comes under the category of expensive printers
  • It features a bulky design

You get a small LCD panel on the printer which displays all the settings and other relevant information. In terms of printing speed, the printer can give you 15 PPM black or 8 PPM color prints. The speed can go up to 33 PPM depending on the quality.

Also, the printer has a 30 document feeder which can really automate the job for you and reduce your workload. Epson offers a warranty of 1 year or 50,000 pages on this printer.

  • Has a document feeder with a capacity of 30 documents
  • Also has an LCD panel that displays all the functions and details.
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year or 50,000 pages.

This is one of the top models being offered by Epson. You can consider this model and be assured about the quality and durability of the product. It is certainly a great buy for the people looking for nothing but the best. check out more duplex printer here

List of Best Epson Printer

Epson and Brand Value?

Epson was established in the year 1942 and it is a Japanese company. The term Epson basically means ‘Son of Electronic Printer’. Epson mainly manufactures printing machines but it also manufactures multimedia products like projectors and televisions.

The brand has some amazing offerings for the commercial printing press and at the same time, Epson is a popular name in households across the world. Epson started manufacturing printers in 1961 when the technology was in the nascent stage and from there, it innovated and integrated new functionality in printers to get the technology that we have today.

Epson had been really successful when it comes to printers and it carries a very good brand value in the markets across the globe. The brand has a lot of goodwill and there are many people who only prefer printer from Epson. The quality of the products is very good and reliable at the same time.

Which Type of Printer to Buy for home & office Use?

If you are planning to purchase a printer for your home & office then there are certain types of printer that you must consider. First thing is that you need to determine if you need a color or a black and white printer.

Once you come to this decision, you need to decide if you need an all in one printer or if you need a machine with basic functionality to give you print outs. We would recommend you to opt for all in one model as they offer much more flexibility to you and it is also possible to get photocopies from those all in one printer. 

Next thing to consider is the type of technology you need for the printer. The options available here are inkjet, laser, and dot matrix. If you need a suggestion from us regarding the technology then we would recommend you to opt for inkjet printers.

They can print photos for you and they have also proven their ground in the segment of documents. Also, you can check out for features like wireless printing, ink tanks, document feeder, and such add-on items to make life easier for yourself. Lastly, you might also need a dot matrix printer if you need to get account statements at home & office. This choice is dependent on you and your utility factor.

Top benefits of Buying Printers from Epson

  1. Epson Printers are designed for excellence. The printing head used in the printers from Epson has an advanced technology used which produces high-density precise text and color.  These heads make all the difference when you need a high quality of prints. In addition to this, the heads of the printers are also durable 
  2. The next benefit of choosing Epson machines is that you get amazing prints with amazing speeds. The years of evolution have got you sharp prints that come not only with optimized speeds but also with optimized color utilization and efficiency. The images produced by printers from Epson are really crisp.
  3. The printers have a low cost of operation. Most of the inkjet printers from Epson now feature an ink tank which reduces the cost of printing by several folds. You can go ahead and choose the printer from Epson if you are concerned about the high ink cost. In the link run, Epson printers really prove to be cost-efficient.
  4. Epson also offers all the advanced utility features in the printers. The all-in-one printer comes with a high-resolution scanner that can scan the minute details of the documents and at the same time, the printers also have features like auto feeder which makes it easy for you to obtain photocopies.
  5. Many models from Epson also feature borderless printing which is again absolutely necessary in today’s world. A lot of other brands do not support such a feature but most of the models from Epson support this feature.
  6. Printers from Epson also offer a lot of versatility to the users. You can make a selection between different resolutions, paper types, and modes while you are getting print outs. The advantage is that you get the type of output you need. For example, you can select a draft mode on the printers which can give you quick print with low ink usage. This can help you in proofreading the output. Also, these printers support photo papers so you do not have to be worried about restricted usage of the printer
  7. Lastly, you get excellent customer support from Epson and at the same time, all the product comes with a warranty as well. This certainly protects your purchase.

Frequently asked questions 

Epson is one of the best ink tank printers in IndiaEpson India has a wide variety of all in one printer, home theater projectors, POS printers, and large printing solutions. They can provide one of the best printers for home use in India. 

1) What is Epson Connect?

It is a service that is used to connect the customers to the Epson printers over the web network.

It provides the following services:

  • Email Printing
  • Epson printing 
  • Scan to the Cloud option
  • Remote Printing
  • Voice Printing (the only US and Canada)
  • What to do after you have bought an Epson printer?

The recommended action to do after you have bought the printer is to register it on Epson connect via the printer or scanner setup. 

2) Can I use my Epson printer connected via a USB cable?

This is not possible. You need to connect it over Wi-Fi or Ethernet that has an active internet connection.

3) What to do when my Epson printer is not printing my emails?

You need to check the following to ensure that the printer is printing your mails. Check that is printer has its power on. Check that printer is connected to an active internet service. Check that the printer is free of any errors. Try to turn off and restart your printer.

Check the user page of Epson connect and see if you have suspended your service by any chance. Check if the printer is busy printing previous loads, or the print data is large.

4) Can anyone send an email to my printer to get it printed?

Anyone who knows the mail id of your printer can send mails to it to get printed. But if you want to limit the number of people who can send mails to the printer, you can edit the approved senders list easily. This will ensure that only those people whom you have permitted can send mails to it. 

5) How can I be confirmed that the data which was scanned has been sent?

You need to check the following to be confirmed. Check that there was no error message shown on your scanner’s or your printer’s display. Log in to the scan log page of your Epson Connect account. See if the status has been updated to be complete. If the destination was an email address, check that any error message was printed or not.

Confirm with the owner of the scanner or printer that whether he/she has received an error message or not.


6) What to do if the scan data was sent to a destination, but not yet received?

You need to check the following to confirm what happened. The email address that was registered in the destination might be incorrect. The email may have got into the SPAM folder. Check the SPAM filter setting. There might be a delay in the routing, and the mail has not arrived yet. 


It can be said that Epson makes world-class printers which are very durable. For most of the printers offered by Epson, you get a warranty of 1 year but there are some models which come with 2 years of the warranty period as well. It is really important to know what you really need before you decide to purchase the printer for your home & office.

Additionally, there are many printers available from Epson but if you are looking for some of the best models then you can refer to the top models available from Epson for home & office use in the next section of this article.

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