Canon E4270 Review – All in One Ink Efficient Wi-Fi Printer

Canon E4270 Review

In case you think you don’t need extraordinary, among other home printer options in the market today, re-examine. With most of us at present, constrained to work from home, the necessity for more office-oriented products in our homes is more important. With that said, the requirement for a good quality printer increases.

With much equivalent to in the work environment, you’ll need a printer at home that can manage to print easily – especially since the nonstop condition has obliged countless us into remote working. The best home printer must be more adaptable than a regular printer since the propelled household needs to print out a wide extent of documents. 

You’ll as often as possible find a need to print out forms and documents in your day today. Besides, a home printer that can work outstandingly printing, get-away snaps will save you from doling out a lot of money. Moreover, not typical for large and monstrous business printers, these are no matter how you look at their printers that take up a little bit of the room and can be either laser or ink-based.

Canon E4270 All-in-One Ink Efficient Wi-Fi Printer

Canon E4270 All-in-One Ink Efficient Wi-Fi Printer

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Notwithstanding what size of household and family demands you have, in this summary, you’ll find the best home printer for your necessities. Picking the Best Canon printer is not such an easy task. Canon’s range of Printers is made of high-build quality with the perfections for our benefits.

There is a scope of average printers with fantastic highlights accessible at severe costs, which may ruin your endeavours to pick one for your specific prerequisites. There’s likewise a substantial probability of you getting confused with various terms being utilized for printing gadgets, for example, across the board, single-reason, inkjet, laser, etc. So how about we take the Best Canon Printer’s Review for “Canon E4270 All-in-One Ink Efficient Wi-Fi Printer“.

General Specifications

Canon E4270 Wi-Fi printer can be used for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. It gives users an experience of duplex and ADF printing. This printer also provides the document with removal reminder functioning. This printer is perfect for a hassle-free printing experience without disturbing our ongoing work.

This printer is ideal for a regular household, and small companies use it. It comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty. Also, canon has an excellent customer service panel for their better experiences.


Most of the printers come with a single connectivity option. When we talk about the multi-connectivity printer, then it can connect through many connections like Wi-Fi, High-speed USB 2.0, Canon Shelby app, Morphia, google cloud print, and AirPrint types of options.


So, when we talk about compatibility, then it is always about the software options where with standard connectivity, it can work. This printer can easily connect with various Operating Systems versions like Windows OS v7, v8.1, v10, and Mac OS v10.12, v10.13, v10.10.15, v10.11.

Printing Ability

Every printer’s printing ability shows the printing speed with its cost and resolution measures to prove that printer is suitable for use or not. This printer can print 8.8 pages in black prints per minute with 1.3 INR cost per page. In colour page printing, it can print 4.4 pages per minute with 3.5 INR cost per page. These all ability measures are proved under the ISO print standards.

When it comes to the resolution of printing and scanning, then it measures 4800 x 1200 dpi and 600 x 1200 dpi, respectively. For printing, it supports 4″ X 6″ till A4 size of paper or letter printing on GSM 64 to 275 GSM plain papers. All duplex printing can be done with fixed automatic printing programming.

Additionally, it can also print ID cards. After printing is done on any glossy paper, then the customer needs to wait for 3-4 seconds for smudgy avoidance because liquid ink is used for printing.

Message in Print Feature

This device has the latest feature that allows you to express your feelings in your photos. You can simply embed secret messages, links, videos, or web links in your photos and simply send them to your family members. For such a surprise, you just need to download the app and place your device over the given photo.


For any kind of printing, its resolution and quality measured by the quality ink’s cartridges. Canon printers are using PG-47 ink for Black and White Print and CL-57 ink for colour printing. As per the Print, ISO/IEC 19752 Standards and ISO/IEC 19798 Stands with one cartridge refill; this printer can print up to 400 pages in black and white and 300 pages in colour.

Other Key Specifications

  • For printing, the cartridges are made of high-quality materials at affordable prices.
  • With this printer, people can save their time on duplex printing (printing on both sides of printing) automatically without any hassle.
  • It also comes with 20 ADF sheets for better documentation to maintain the page sequences.
  • The main plus point to buy this printer is that the document removal reminder is set in it. So, you can never forget your documents on the printer.
  • Another smartness of this printer is animated printing using App. To do this, you just need to download that App and place that phone on the printer when the connection is fully established; it prints out those photos animated automatically.

Things We Like

  • Hassle-free duplex and ADF printing experience
  • Duplex printing option
  • Better multi-connectivity options
  • Better printing speed
  • High-resolution printing
  • Cost per Print is very less compared to other printers
  • The high-quality cartridge comes at affordable prices
  • ADF sheet is given for better documentation
  • Document removal reminder function is given
  • Animated printing option via App
  • Friendly customer service panel
  • Can be fit in any space
  • Easy in Moving

Things We Don’t Like

After printing on glossy paper need to wait for it to set

  • Not many paper size and quality options are available for printing

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can it print on both sides?

Yes, this device is capable of printing both sides and can effectively save both your resource and time on one go. 

2) Does it support Google cloud print?

Yes, almost all the high-end printers support all the advanced features, and this printer is not an exception. It is compatible with Apple Air Print, Google cloud print, and many others.

3) Does the company provide cartridges with this?

Yes, the company provides two cartridges at the box while buying. With the capability of printing both the colour and black and white, the cartridge can for a longer period.

4) How many black and white prints can the cartridge provide?

The black and white cartridge is capable of providing a minimum of 400 pages.

5) Can we connect our android phone with this printer?

You must download the app that is mentioned on the instruction sheet. There you can follow all the details regarding the requirements and compatibility of the product. Follow the exact procedure that is mentioned on the device.

6) What are the accessories that we get from this box?

The company promises to include accessories like a cartridge, USB cable, power cable, user manual, and warranty card. In other words, everything you would need to get started with printing.

7) Can it print on handmade paper?

Now, the product is not capable of printing on handmade paper or any rough paper due to the uneven surface. But, it is able to print on glossy paper. So, if you are thinking about getting prints on handmade papers, the best course of action is actually to go with any other alternative.

Final Takeaway

According to the cost, this is a magnificent Color business printer and scanner (and FAX), likewise makes generally excellent photographic prints on specific papers (mattes and shines are superior to glossies). The main genuine drawback is the clamour level, particularly when first manoeuvring another glossy sheet into the printer.

However, you can put the printer off the beaten path, and if necessary, in a progressively remote area if this is an issue for you.

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  1. My question is why is it that when scanning a picture always appear to be in a PDF mode? How can I make it a picture in the JPG , and safe it to my USB unit? Thank you very much


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