HP DeskJet 2138 All-in-One Ink Advantage Color Printer Review

Buying the most exceptional printer in 2021 can be head-scratching and isn’t easy as it may seem. You can’t simply turn up to any random store and demand the premium device according to your budget. Buying any device requires a lot of research and knowledge about the specification that it has to offer. The best printer should not be judged only by its appearance, and it should also contain power-packed performance. 

If you are looking for a reliable printer in an affordable range, then you are requested to hold your chair tight as we are revealing the best printer for home and mini office setup. Well, we will suggest the best device according to your various needs and specific demand. We will discuss the dedicated reasons why one should go with the Hp DeskJet 2138 All-in-One Ink Advantage Color Printer. We will also be discussing some cons that you can completely rely on. 

As mentioned earlier, HP is one of the most popular and reliable brands when it comes to printers and other peripheral devices. There are plenty of reasons for choosing HP printers for personal home and office use. Most of the printers from HP are known for their performance and premium quality output. Apart from that, they offer the latest facilities with their printers at an affordable range.

HP DeskJet 2138 All-in-One Ink Advantage Color Printer

HP DeskJet 2138 All-in-One Ink Advantage Color Printer

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It is a perfect combo offer that comes with the device and ink cartridge, both bundled in the same box. This is preferably the best all in one printer that offers almost all the latest high tech features in accordance with the modern time. All of their advanced features make it a perfect option for both school and office going people. 

  • Printer Type

It is an all in one type of printer that can perform operations like print, copy, and scan at once. HP has used the inkjet technology for their premium range printers. It can print both black and white as well as color prints. A flatbed type scanner has been embedded with this machine that allows the user to scan their documents and print them for further use directly. The flatbed design has the advantage of placing your documents quickly and getting outstanding results. 

  • Connectivity

This specific device has used USB connectivity for printing all your essential documents and reports. With a USB cable inside the box, you can connect any USB enabled device with the printer. Then, with the click of a single button, you can avail of all your documents.

  • Printing Speed

The Hp printer is capable of delivering 7.5 pages with black and white settings and 5.5 with color print settings. With this printing speed, one can get their job done in a few minutes.

  • Printing Cost

Before hopping on buying any printer, you should be aware of printing costs to save more money and efficiently use it. The cost of printing a black and white page ranges between 1.4 to 1.5 rupees white the color print can be done in 4.5 rupees, which turns out to be the standard value of printing. 

  • Compact Design

Their absolute beast can enhance the aesthetic of your workplace. With its small ergonomic design, it can fit into any of your desk, table, shelf. With its color scanning feature, this machine can work with very minimum sound.

  • Paper Support

This printer has been designed according to the ISO standards. It supports B5, A4, A6, DL envelope like pages. The duplex feature can be availed by manually turning the page and again set for printing. 

  • Print Resolution

This device is known to serve with the best quality printouts with a printing resolution of 4800 x 1200 DPI (color prints) and 1200 x 1200 DPI (black and white) prints. 

  • Duty Cycle

The duty cycle can be defined as the maximum number of prints per month, which in the case remains 100 pages for this printer.

  • Warranty and Customer Support

HP almost provides a year of warranty with its printers, which stands the same for this particular product. They also provide the best customer support facility. For any query related to the product, you can simply walk into their nearest service center or dial their toll-free number.

HP 680 Black Ink Cartridges Twin Pack Review

It is an original Ink Cartridge from HP, and compiling it with the devices allows the user to obtain more features than only the quality. You can easily get a print count of 1000 pages. They have used pigment type black ink that is compatible with almost all other HP printers. The company promises to print twice the recommended number of pages if you use HP original ink. 

It supports printers like HP DeskJet IA 2135, HP DeskJet IA 2138, HP DeskJet IA 2675, and many others. The ink cartridge can be recycled once someone visits the nearest HP store for free. Lastly, it comes with an energy star certificate that ensures the safe environment feature without sacrificing on performance. 

What we liked about this:

  • Can print high-quality photos
  • Tricolor ink cartridge support
  • Save energy while running
  • Compact in shape and easy to use
  • Efficient all in one feature
  • Comes with two extra ink cartridge (black)

What we did not like about this:

  • Doesn’t supports Duplex printing feature

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does it support wireless printing?

This very model from HP doesn’t have an inbuilt wireless printing feature. If you are looking for a wireless one, you can look into our reviews of the same.

2) Can it make photocopies?

Yes, photocopies can be done with this machine. Place your original document on the glass and press the copy button. This is one of the versatile printers where you have the ability to scan your documents too.

3) Can we refill the cartridge?

No, you can’t refill this cartridge. If you ever find the cartridge empty, all you can do is opt for a newer one. 

4) Which brand printer can we buy for home usage?

HP has a variety of models that are perfect for home and office uses. All their built-in features allow them to have sharp printing with high quality. One can choose any model according to their needs.

5) How can we make the ink last longer?

To save on ink, always choose fonts that are not too bold and big as they will require more ink than usual and make sure about the text alignments. If possible, go for printing in gray scale, which will save more ink. Lastly, one should always do proofreading before printing any document.

6) How is all in one printer different from a regular printer?

A regular printer will serve you very basic features while the all in the printer has all the latest designs and functions. All in one printer can do several jobs at once, like printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. These qualities are incredibly beneficial, as buying all the products with a single specification would cost a lot of money.

Final Takeaway

Going for a printer for home use is the right decision. But, you should always consider certain features before selecting any random printer. Buying any random printer will consume your workspace and sadly rip up your wallet. The printer, as mentioned above, has all the latest quality that makes it a great choice. After viewing the pros and cons section, you can go for this printer if it fits all your requirements.

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