HP DeskJet 3636 All-in-one Wi-Fi Printer Review

Are you confused about choosing the best and affordable printer? Then here’s our best pick with a detailed overview.  Printer always plays an essential role in big firms, home uses, schools, and college use. To make a satisfactory project more creative, you always need to rely on cyber cafes to get some colored printouts done. Moreover, we all abide by the needs and the convenience to get all our essential works done in the comfort of your home. So, to solve all your confusion and set your pace high, we have selected “HP Deskjet 3636 all-in-one Wi-Fi printer with voice access”. 

Those who want to change their old ordinary printer with the all-new generation Wi-Fi printer, sit tight, as we are revealing some of the interesting features about this device. This product is for the project freak persons who always face some problems in printing quality, space management, and face hassle in operations. This new generation printer will enhance your printing and project making experience. You can fit this product in any space and enjoy your extra works.

HP Deskjet 3636 All-in-one Wi-Fi Printer

HP Deskjet 3636 All-in-one Wi-Fi Printer

But From Amazon

This HP Desk Jet 3636 All-in-one Wi-Fi printer has so many exciting features that give hassle-free working experience. It has the voice activation system in-built and plays a substantial role in communicating via google assistance and amazon’s assistance Alexa. It can connect with Wi-Fi, USB, Mobile phone applications for print out options. This device comes with the original ink cartridge of HP 680 Tri-colour & black color. It gives almost 480 black and white printouts and color printouts in a single refill. 

It can perform tasks rapidly. It can print 8.5 pages in black and white and six colored pages per minute with the cost accordingly 1.4INR & 4.5INR. It supports the page sizes of A4, B5, A6, DL, and envelope with the print resolution of 4800 x 1200 with optimized DPI in color printings and 1200 x 1200 with black rendered DPI. It can print almost 1000 A4 pages per month. This can be used anywhere at home and in small offices regularly.

HP always makes their quality product by undertaking all its customer’s requirements with reasonable rates. Their product designing is on the next level and can be fixed in any kind of home interiors. Plus, HP has a wide range of available printers, and they are very durable. All products are easy to use. With new rates of HP printers, comes a great hassle-free experience. You can get prints whenever you want with the latest Wi-Fi connection.

Salient Features

  • Type

HP desk jet 3636 printer is a type of Ink advantage that can perform all kinds of print, scan, and copy like multi functionalities. Its scanner has a flatbed design. It can get us colored print outs.

  • Hassle-free productivity

It is well technically designed to serve you to help you do your operations smoothly. Its display is covered with many icons with easy pictures and written text to guide you through setting your operation programs easily. To scan, print, and copy simply written function buttons are given for ease. All kinds of tasks are straightforward and easy to do.

  • Smart Document Management

Its body designing is done so flawlessly by undertaking all types of space requirements to adjust it in a small space. It is light weighted, so anyone can easily move it from one place to another one. This printer also saves your extra space to help you to put your important documents in your surroundings. It can be fit in any small space like the desk, shelf, cupboard, or anywhere you want to set. 

  • Help You to Stay Focus on Other Works

It is so well programmed with Wi-Fi functioning to help you to stay focused on your work without standing beside it. You can take your print out in easy on go time by easily with the same Wi-Fi connection. You can take a printout directly from your tablets, phones, or laptops by sitting wherever you want to on that same connectivity area with a remote mobile app. You can also stay focused on your important work while your printouts are coming without any interruption. You can print anything from it like photos, documentation papers, etc.

  • High Yield Ink Capacity

With this new generation printer, you get a high yield ink capacity container. This container helps to get your double printouts to compare to any other regular printer. It comes with the original ink refill pack so you can take advantage of this printer as much as you can. 

  • Color Quality

Original HP ink cartridges help you print your colored prints like photos and documentations with high-quality color visibility. All your color printouts look like the original copy of that image captured by any device with perfect color combinations. 

  • Easy Recycle Policy

HP gives a very useful feature like the recyclability of your original HP ink cartridge recycling process gives you free. We all like this free word. It is not just like a reward to use but also suitable for our environments as well. If we throw them outside anywhere, it pollutes the soil and affects our surrounding natures. That’s why this process must be required for any product.

Things We Like:

  • It is easy to install anywhere and can be fit in small spaces
  • Easy to use
  • Best print and picture quality
  • The perfect model for regular uses with its costings
  • Voice operated
  • Print outs can be done with Wi-Fi, USB, or mobile app connections.
  • Multitasking (print, scan, copy)

Things We Dislike:

  • Can only print 1000 A4 size paper so not efficient for heavy-duty tasks

Final verdict

If you are thinking of buying this product for the average household and small office use where you hardly need to print more than 1000 A4 size papers, this product is perfect. You can buy this product by comparing your requirements with this and with other products for more convenience. With all the latest features, this product has been appreciated by many users. You can easily get your hands on this printer by purchasing it online.

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