Ricoh SP 111 Jam-Free Monochrome Laser Printer Review

We all abide by the fact of getting a color printer in our home and the numerous benefits they provide in our day-to-day lives. On the other hand, we also can’t deny the exploitation taking place around color printers and their costs per page. Although color printers are handier when it comes to quality, monochrome printers remain the most cost-effective one. Especially students and office going people who are in constant need of printing documents and text can find it very economical. 

There could be plenty of people who don’t require to print their documents with color. All the significant factors like speed, lowest price, and other functions come with monochrome printers. A perfect monochrome printer will contain all the latest features and technologies required for home and small office use. 

Finding the best monochrome printers for personal use is not easy and leads to an uncomfortable situation. To avoid such confusion, we are here to introduce you to the Ricoh SP 111 laser printer, which is ranking best in the market. Nowadays, laser printers are gaining popularity and allow the user to chive prints at a minimal cost. The cartridge of these printers lasts up to 1000 prints and can be refilled very easily.

Here, we will walk you through the detailed review of this amazing product with an unbiased pros and cons section to help you make a decision. Without taking much time, let’s jump into the specification section.

Ricoh SP 111 Jam-Free Monochrome Laser Printer

Ricoh SP 111 Jam-Free Monochrome Laser Printer

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Ricoh is one of the best brands when it comes to monochrome laser printers. They are reliable and trustworthy brands that have made their name in many households and offices. 

They are believed to deliver highly legible and crip prints. 

  • Printer Type

It’s a black and white monochrome laser printer that has a very easy to use interphase. Functions like printing and copying can easily be achieved with this device.

  • Connectivity

For connectivity, they have taken USB into consideration. With its help, You can easily connect your printer with your devices like a computer or mobile. With the click of command, prints can be done very quickly.

  • Compact and usefulness

Without compromising on quality, this printer should be your ultimate choice. With its compact and ergonomic design, this printer can easily fit into your desks or tables. It is incredibly lightweight, and you can carry this device very easily from one place to another. The product dimension of 36.9 x 40.2 x 11.9 cm is perfect for home use.

  • Powerful and stylish

The Ricoh Sp111 laser printer has a sleek design with a combination of black and white that increases your home’s aesthetic and complements your workplace.

Some Worth Mentioning Features

  • High-quality printing

The remarkable printer is great for black and white printing experience. It has a resolution of 1200 x 600 DPI, and it gives professional-quality printings. This machine can easily print 1000pages per month.

  • Noise-free operations

This machine is manufactured with fans with less technology and produces soulless printing. This printer is perfect for students to maintain a quiet environment and increase concentration. On the other hand, the auto jam removal technology lowers the downtime and maintains a great speed. 

  • Compatibility

This latest printer is almost compatible with all kinds of operating systems, like Windows 7/ 8/ Vista. This wide range of compatibility allows the user to have relaxation in using any operating system.

What we liked about this device:

  • Easy to use interference and easy to maintain
  • Jam-free technology
  • High-resolution print quality
  • Compatible with almost every operating system
  • Value for money product
  • Noise-free printing operation
  • Stylish and compact design

What we didn’t like about this device:

  • Doesn’t support duplex printing
  • Doesn’t support multiple functions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can we refill the cartridge?

The drum laser printer comes with a particular lifespan and mainly depends on the quality and power of the paper that the owner owns. It is always advised to Good quality paper and original toner. One can easily refill the printer 3 to 4 times.

2) Does it support Windows 10?

Yes, all versions of Windows are compatible with this device. This machine does not support Mac OS.

3) Can it print all page sizes?

 It only supports A4 and legal size papers. 

4) Do they provide a tray with this machine?

The tray is present and is hidden with this machine. While printing, it is advised to pull the tray.

5) Is Ricoh a good brand to go with?

Yes, this is a budget-friendly device and perfect for students. It can deliver prints at a very low cost. So, at the end of the day, it is certainly a good brand to consider, especially if you are running low on budget.


All the features mentioned above are perfect for a monochrome laser printer. People looking for budget-friendly options can easily go with this amazing beast. With all the latest features, this device suits every need of the consumers. You can easily get this printer through online purchases.

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